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Welcome to Haramain Travel, your trusted partner for a premium Madina Ziyarat experience. We specialize in providing top-notch transportation services accompanied by professional guides, ensuring that your pilgrimage is not only comfortable but spiritually enriching.

Featured Madina Ziyarat Locations :

  1. Fort of Ka'b ibn Ashraf :
  2. Explore the historical significance of the Fort of Ka'b ibn Ashraf, a site that holds stories from the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

  3. Palace of Urwah :
  4. Visit the Palace of Urwah and immerse yourself in the historical tales associated with this landmark.

  5. Garden of Salman (Graded of Salman) :
  6. Discover the beauty of the Garden of Salman, a serene location that resonates with the history of Islam.

  7. Wells of Ghars, Athq, and Uthman :
  8. Experience the sacredness of the Wells of Ghars, Athq, and Uthman, each carrying its own historical significance.

  9. Old Ottoman Railway :
  10. Step back in time as you explore the remnants of the Old Ottoman Railway, a testament to the rich history of the region.

  11. Battlefield of Uhud :
  12. Visit the Battlefield of Uhud, where the Battle of Uhud took place. Our guides will provide insights into this crucial event in Islamic history.

  13. Masjid Quba :
  14. Embark on a journey to Masjid Quba, the first mosque built by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and partake in the blessings it offers.

  15. Khandaq and Qiblatain :
  16. Explore the historical sites of Khandaq and Qiblatain, each with its unique significance in Islamic history.

  17. Many Historic Mosques :
  18. Witness the beauty of numerous historic mosques, each telling a story of faith and resilience.

    ... and many more!

Why Choose Haramain Travel for Madina Ziyarat?

  • Premium Vehicles: Travel in luxury with our premium vehicles, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed journey.
  • Professional Guides: Our knowledgeable and professional guides will enrich your experience with historical insights and spiritual guidance.
  • Customized Packages: Tailor your Madina Ziyarat package to include the specific locations that resonate with your spiritual journey.
  • Convenient Booking: Easily book your Madina Ziyarat experience with our user-friendly booking system.

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